[week 13] malaga film festival

20140402-123546.jpg 20140402-123608.jpg   last week had been a busy week of movies and cinema. it was malaga film festival and the schedule of the whole week had been full of movies. movie after movie after movie…. a friend also came visit from madrid and we had a great time!

we spent sunday walking along the seaside, the weather was weird. a few seconds of hot sun followed by some seconds of clouded cold wind, interchanging all the time. overall, it was a windy day, not exactly the most pleasant day but the walk and the sardines at the chiringuito was wonderful.

this week, let’s go back to work!




[week 12] a strong urge to change

how’s spring at where you live? spring started just some days ago and i have been loving it here in Malaga. look at these two photos, they were taken at sunset last saturday during a walk along the seaside, isn’t it gorgeous?

just under a year ago, i was living in Torremolinos, another part of Malaga, and just started the house-hunting process in the centre of Malaga with B. at that time, i haven’t even viewed this flat we bought and live in now. B booked an appointment for us to view this flat together on his birthday, which is 25 march, so really we saw this flat where we are living now together for the first time just a day less than a year ago.

fast forward the time, one year later, we are now living in this flat where we call it our home in the centre of Malaga, walking distance to both the city centre and the beach. it’s a fantastic feeling. it’s good to dream, and it’s good to dream without setting yourself boundaries. it was a pure thought/wish/dream (i can’t differentiate) that i want to live in Malaga, close to the sea, and be at a place more cultured, more dynamic and more lively, and this wish/dream does come true. well, while it probably is not a big change of a lifetime, it certainly is a change of lifestyle and how i live my everyday’s life. to me, it is how to live the everyday’s life that counts. putting myself in a place i can be more myself, be grateful and be more motivated.

i therefore strongly encourage everyone to have a dream. to make a wish. you never know, this wish can be granted one day, but first, be brave enough and strong enough to want something in your life. after that, the accumulation of many actions and decisions will help shape the path to the direction of your desire. this is what i believe and it has been working in many occasions.

well, in this post, i in fact want to talk about another topic, it’s just that the date today triggered some memories a year ago. what i want to talk about here is my weight. hmm…. weight. first of all, i want to say that i am not overweight, and i don’t want to sound like i am obsessed with weight. but, since moving to spain almost three years ago, i have put on some kgs… expanded a size and generally more rounded than let’s say, three years ago.

i am not happy with this new body. while it’s not large, it doesn’t look fit. my face is also more rounded than i’d like it to be. i lost some bits of confident with current appearance. i want to have a more healthy look, a more toned body.

i’ve decided first, i have to shred off those few kgs i put on. this is the difficult part. i had been having this thought for a while but had not been strict or determined enough to actually do something constructive about it. i exercise only when i feel like it, as well as have that piece of cake when i feel like it. the thought of eating less was well, a thought. what happened was i am not happy with my weight, my body shape, i constantly think i should cut down the amount of food, also constantly feeling guilty when eating more than i should. there isn’t any end to this vicious cycle.

so a week ago, i decided that i will do a proper change of diet and introduce fixed amount of exercise until i achieve my desired weight. specifically, 5 kgs less.

anyone that have been through this diet process knows that it’s hard. it takes lots of determination and i have to be strict with the rules i set out. but! this time round, i am determined. writing this down at this space also solidified the goal. i will update the process and changes.

[week 11] life, what a profound topic

this week has not come to an end yet but i thought i will write down what i have been thinking and feeling this week so far. 

on monday, i received a call from B and he told me that his grandmother has been sent to the hospital because of a broken hip. but, let me explain a bit of the background. in fact, B’s grandma felt down from a sofa chair more than a week ago and despite she was sent to the hospital immediately, she was sent home the same day after some x-ray checks and was told everything was fine. that is to say, she was sent home with a broken hip undetected! how on earth they didn’t see the broken hip is really unexplainable and unacceptable. for ten days, she had been enduring a lot of pain and B’s mum who has been taking care of her has been having a hard time as well. in the end, B’s mum decided that something must be wrong if the pain hasn’t subsided after so many days, she called the ambulance again and grandma was sent to the hospital again for another checking…. this time, it has been found that she has a broken hip and was immediately transferred to a bigger hospital with plan to do an operation, but then the doctor decided on the morning of the operation that at a high age of 97 and with her current health condition, this big operation is going to be too harsh on her and cancelled the operation at the very last minute. she is now in the hospital, only hoping the pain can be reduced by painkiller and by time. it has been a hard week. 

i went to see her with B and she doesn’t look good. poor woman. she looks so small in the bed. the air in the hospital seems so heavy, and life seems so fragile.